Case Quashing

Accusations can be made anytime, anywhere and against anyone. But the allegations can be proved only in the court.

The Constitution of India says that 100 criminals should go free, but one innocent person should not be punished. According to the National Judicial Data Grid (NJAD), more than five crore cases are pending in the courts across the country.
Whereas in India, more than five lakh fifty thousand people are lodged in jails, out of which four lakh twenty seven thousand are only prisoners, whose trial is still going on. And lakshs of people are out on bail. In the above dreadful situation, who knows how many innocent people are locked inside the jail bars. And I don't know how many people are going to go to jail in the future. In such a situation there is a need That every accused person in India gets proper guidance from experienced senior lawyers working in the Supreme Court, so that he can free his life from legal matters and move around freely with his wife, children or family.
In view of the dire situation of pending cases of more than Rs. 5 crore, Life Saving Organization, an organization working all over India, has formed a panel of intelligent senior advocates working in the Supreme Court, through whom the accused or His With details of accused by family members1.Copy of the FIR of the case
2.Copy of charge sheet/charge sheet
3.Evidence available in favor of the accused
4. Written statement of the accused's side regarding the allegation
5.The statement of the accused is uploaded in audio/video format.
After that, the complete information of the case received from the accused or his family members is seriously and deeply studied by the intelligent senior advocates of the Supreme Court included in the panel of Life Saving Organization and after that, on the basis of the decisions of the Supreme Court, the case against the accused is decided. The sideAfter observing the facts, an application is prepared for the Honorable High Court regarding the disposal of the case under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. And the accused gets the resolution of his case from the concerned High Court through his advocate.Online payment has to be made after filling the application and uploading the documents, and the decision of the application is sent to the accused/applicant in PDF on his/her email.
If the accused/applicant wants to get his case defended by the panel lawyers of Life Saving Organization in the concerned High Court and Supreme Court, then this facility is also available for which he will have to bear a separate fee.
Because no human being is a criminal by birth, crime happens under circumstances and circumstances, and giving everyone a chance to improve or forgiving is the best quality of human life.

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