An appeal is a legal process that allows parties to challenge legal errors in a court decision. The appeal is a request to a higher court to review the order of a lower court.
Accusations can be made anytime, anywhere and against anyone. But the allegations can be proved only in the court.
The Constitution of India says that 100 criminals should go free, but one innocent person should not be punished.
The main objective of establishing the Life Saving Organization is to protect the fundamental rights of Indians. Under which Life Saving Organization, with the help of its volunteers and other social organizations, conducts programs, awareness campaigns etc. related to fundamental rights up to the district and tehsil level across India.
Throughout India, up to the district and tehsil level, in the programs, awareness campaigns etc. related to fundamental rights, the majority of the victims/accused or their family members are those against whom cognizance of the crime has not been taken. And those who have been implicated in some false case or the other.
As we all know that every person has got fundamental rights by the Indian Constitution, under which the victim/accused or their family members have to appeal in the High Court against the decision passed by the District and Subordinate Court. And against the order of the High Court, the victim/accused or their family members have to file an appeal in the Supreme Court located in the capital of the country.
For this, with the aim of providing justice to the victim/accused in India, Life Saving Organization has formed a group of such volunteers at the district and tehsil level across India, who have themselves suffered from some incident or have experienced that pain. have felt.
It is only due to the continuous hard work and tireless efforts of the social volunteers of the Life Saving Organization that the Life Saving Organization has been able to provide legal aid to countless victims/accused. And it is the result of the above social activities that the number of victim/accused cases seeking legal aid has continuously increased with the Life Saving Organization.
Other social service volunteers and organizations from different states of India voluntarily help such victims of their areas against whom cognizance of crimes committed has not been taken. And with the help of Life Saving Organization, it is being ensured that continuous legal aid is provided to the accused implicated in false cases.
According to the National Judicial Data Grid (NJAD), more than five crore cases are pending in courts across the country. Whereas in India, more than five lakh fifty thousand people are lodged in jails, out of which four lakh twenty seven thousand are only prisoners, whose trial is still going on. And crores of people are out on bail. In the above dreadful situation, who knows how many innocent people are locked inside the jail bars. And I don't know how many people are going to go to jail in the future. In such a situation there is a needThat every accused person trapped in a false case in India should get proper guidance of experienced senior lawyers working in the Supreme Court under his fundamental rights, so that he can free his life from legal cases and move freely with his wife, children or family.
In India, the justice system has been considered supreme since ancient times, the judge has always received the status of God. But just as in ancient times, some greedy employees working in the first echelon of the justice system were dishonest and bribe takers, in the same way in the present time, some investigating officers, employees/police employees or researchers who are investigating the case, act for their own personal interest and ill-will and Arrogant natureTo achieve this, they defame the principle of justice.In the said tainted research, the dignity of justice is propounded by the judiciary only with the help of judges by intelligent, experienced and senior lawyers.
With the aim of providing justice to the victim/accused in India, Life Saving Organization has formed a panel of best lawyers in most of the district and subordinate courts, High Courts and Supreme Court across India. After the guidance of the above senior experienced advocates, efforts are made to provide speedy justice to the victim/accused in the District and Subordinate Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court.
Advocacy fee for learned advocates in the case of victim/accused is paid to Life Saving Organization by the victim/accused or other social service volunteers and organizations, due to which Life Saving Organization is continuously expanding its foothold as a social service. .
To get any kind of help from the Life Saving Organization, you can register a complaint including election for various types of cases on the website and also monitor the status of the complaint.
Volunteers of Life Saving Organization, who themselves have been victims or someone from their family has been a victim, respected panel advocates etc. are all together making their special contribution in building a new society.
The volunteers and panel advocates of Life Saving Organization are continuously working for social reform, development and upliftment all over India and are striving for implementation at the global level. The above arrangement can be clearly understood by visiting the Life Saving Organization website in a step-by-step manner
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