We are a life saving organization. The Life Saving Organization is working in the field of legal services across India, and is striving for implementation at a global level.
The genesis of the ideological concept of establishing the organization is determined to provide assistance to the victims under the Indian Railways Act 1989.
The main objective of establishing the organization is to make the general public aware by running a campaign as per the instructions of the Government of India to prevent more than Rs. 403116/- four lack three thousand one hundred and sixteen road and rail accidents occurring every year in India.
Providing medical aid, financial assistance and legal aid to people injured in road and rail accidents.
And to provide ambulance assistance, financial assistance and legal assistance to the families of those killed in accidents.
The organization has created a panel of highly experienced lawyers with extensive practice in every court in all the states across India. Through which legal aid is provided to the families of those injured in road and rail accidents and those who die in accidents
Life Saving Organization organizes free legal advice work for the needy people in the society. That is, Life Saving Organization gives people the opportunity to know our legal advice rights. Many people in the society do not know their basic rights. Therefore, an initiative has been taken to provide free legal consultation to people across India by the empanelled lawyers of Life Saving Organization.