Road Accident Claim


The main objective of establishing Life Saving Organization is to create awareness among the general public by running a campaign as per the instructions of the Government of India, to prevent more than Rs. 403116/- more than Rs. 4 lakh three thousand one hundred and sixteen road and rail accidents occurring every year in India. Medical assistance to injured peopleTo provide financial assistance, legal aid and to provide ambulance assistance, financial assistance and legal aid to the families of those who died in accidents.

Every year many people lose their lives in road accidents. Sometimes it is because of their mistake and sometimes, they have to pay for the actions of others. But for a person who suffers due to the wrongful actions of others, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 is the remedy. Through this Act all criminals are held accountable, and as punishment they have to pay compensation to the victim. The purpose of this Act is to prevent motor vehicle accidents, and if they happen, it ensures that the victim gets justice and the person causing the accident is punished.

With the aim of providing justice to road accident victims in India, Life Saving Organization has formed a group of volunteers at the district and tehsil level across India who have themselves been victims of some incident or have experienced that pain.

It is only due to the continuous hard work and tireless efforts of the social volunteers of the Life Saving Organization that the Life Saving Organization has been able to provide necessary ambulance assistance, medical aid and legal aid to the victims of countless accidents. And it is the result of the above social activities that the number of road accident cases seeking legal help from the Life Saving Organization has continuously increased.

Other social service volunteers and organizations from different states of India are voluntarily ensuring that legal aid is provided to the victims and their families in road accidents occurring in their areas with the help of Life Saving Organizations.

In India, the justice system has been considered supreme since ancient times, the judge has always received the status of God. But just as in ancient times, some greedy employees working in the first echelon of the justice system were dishonest and bribe takers, in the same way in the present time, some investigating officers, employees/police employees or researchers who are investigating the case, act for their own personal interest and ill-will and Arrogant nature To achieve this, they defame the principle of justice. In the said tainted research, the dignity of justice is propounded by the judiciary only with the help of judges by intelligent, experienced and senior lawyers.

Life Saving Organization has formed a panel of best lawyers in most of the courts across India with the aim of providing justice to road accident victims in India. Under the guidance of the above senior experienced lawyers, efforts are made to provide speedy justice to the road accident victims in the Indian courts.

Advocacy fee in the case to the learned advocates is paid from the amount of donation received continuously by the Life Saving Organization, sometimes Life Saving is also paid from the compensation amount received after the judicial decision in the judicial process by the victim or other social service volunteers and organizations. Advocate fees are paid to the organization, due to which the Life Saving Organization is continuously expanding its foothold as a social service.

To get any kind of help from the Life Saving Organization, you can register a complaint including selection for various types of cases on the website and also monitor the status of the complaint.

Volunteers of Life Saving Organization, who themselves have been victims or someone from their family has been a victim, respected panel advocates etc. are all making their special contribution in building a new society.

The volunteers and panel advocates of Life Saving Organization are continuously working for social reform, development and upliftment all over India and are striving for implementation at the global level.

The above arrangement can be clearly understood by visiting the Life Saving Organization website in a step-by-step manner.